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Mitsu Dan 壇蜜

By hcface May 17, 2017

Japanese actress. Born in 1980 in Akita Prefecture. Is a new generation of sexy Japanese “goddess”, called the portrait queen. 2012 starred in Japan three films (R15 +) “do my slave” (private slaves に na り な さ い). In the second half of 2013, the film “Sweet Whip”, which was released on September 21, 2013, was so popular with the popularity of the mistress in the ” Recently, Japan launched a “Japan’s best sex actress” survey, and Japan’s new generation of sexy female goddess of the United States topped the first Japanese actress, defeated the AV industry limelight gods Aoi.
Chinese name: 坛蜜
Japanese name: 壇蜜、だん みつ
Alias: 齐藤支静加
Nationality: Japan
Nation: family
Place of birth: Akita Prefecture
Date of birth: December 03, 1980
Occupation: actor, model
Main achievements: won the Japanese “best sex actress” first
Height: 158CM
Measurements: 33,24,36
Interests: take pictures, go shopping
Altar honey, Japanese actress. Born in 1980 in Akita Prefecture. Is a new generation of sexy Japanese “goddess”, called the portrait queen. 2012 starred in Japan three films (R15 +) “do my slave” (private slaves に na り な さ い).
Recently, Japan launched a “Japan’s best sex actress” survey, and Japan’s new generation of sexy female goddess of the United States topped the first Japanese actress, defeated the AV industry limelight gods Aoi.
The film is released
November 3, 2012, Tokyo, because the lens is too “stimulating”, in the release of the pre-delivery stage on the controversial Japanese film (R15 +) “my slave”, after the director re-edited release. In the evening, one in Tokyo Ginza area
Cinema, director Kamei Hang, starring, Japan’s new generation of sexy “goddess”, portrait of the Queen Mother of the altar, as well as male starring Zhen Shan Ming, funny actor plate tail Chuang Road, and just read the film audience to meet. Female starring for the promotion of new film out of the wits, the scene, altar honey actually took off the thong, threw the audience, with the signature album to cover their own private office, causing a sensation, stunning performance has been recognized and praised the AV sector, while His angel’s face and graceful figure has also been a lot of male Fans’s favor, looking at her portrait can not help but she over and over again.
Its bold and fearless behavior, but also won the Japanese major entertainment news headlines, trying to compete with the Sugimoto color.
Popularity of the rapid rise of sexy actress altar honey, starring in the movie “sweet whip” will be released on September 21, 2013. To promote the film, on September 7 she will launch the “radical” character photo album.
This photo album is divided into two parts, the first part is the altar of the altar as the protagonist of the “sweet whip altar altar photo album”, the other part is to play the movie actress high school era of the palace between the ancient “sweet whip Miyako your photo album. ”
Publish a new book
According to the Japanese “Sankei Shimbun” reported on April 14, 2013, the Japanese Erotic Queen Mother of the altar, the introduction of the new book “Law of Love”, is a professor of women love the guide, the book describes how to capture men how to.
Altar of honey at the press conference, fell to the ground kept crawling, revealing ready to burst out of the milk, I do not know this “crawling milk” is not one of her new book magic. In the event, altar honey for the first time revealed his love experience. She said that in 2012 she was associated with a 46-year-old businessman who had been divorced, “we were all looking at the same book or DVD, so that we could feel different from each other, but then we were very busy, and finally Broke up, “she said with a wry smile. Talking about the likes of the male, she said: “I like to leave a marriage dubbing workers, because the divorced background, and dubbing this technical work makes me very much like.
In order to meet the theme of the film part, wear sexy uniforms, actually shot the shirt buttons on the spot, revealing only with the tape tied on the fullness of the Wai. Valentine’s Day, the altar of the first release of their own “honey taste” autobiography. On the day of the conference, the producers declared that the top 200 lucky players could also get her three gifts: chocolate, underwear and condoms. She did not change its spicy flavors, very provocative speech, saying that “these three things can try to lick”, won the presence of fans cheering, otaku who said: at the male fans want to break into the head, In order to see the style, resulting in a few times the safety of the scene paralyzed.
According to the Japanese news network reported on January 23, 2013, Japan’s most popular star “altar of honey” 22 in a file at noon show that their monthly wages in fact with the general staff of the company almost, about 300,000 yen (about RMB 2 million). In an interview, Tan Mi said: “I want a new owner, a person in the ‘hiding place’ too lonely.
There are Japanese media reports, in the Japanese drama “half Ze straight tree” to do the mistress, Fang Ling 32 erotic Queen of the altar of honey, recently attended the ceremony in Tokyo. To give her the award was actually the Japanese Tokyo governor!
Reported that the Tokyo governor feel erotic queen good show, the scene of the forum to take the facebook account, would like to add her as a friend, hope to have the opportunity to drink wine together. The other side of this warmly strike up a conversation, although the altar of the altar, but then hope to understand the first.
acting experience
Was born in Akita Prefecture, and moved to Tokyo when she was young. School students like to read ゴ ル ゴ 13, high school time has been very big taste, the same grade students love to call her [love].
Alma mater is Showa Women’s University, got the English teacher qualifications. After graduation in the Department of Nutritional special schools to obtain cooking division qualifications, in his mother and mother friends and fruit shop work, as well as in the Ginza club work. 27-year-old mother and friends died into the funeral school, the goal to become a body makeup artist.
September 2009, at the age of 28 to participate in the game during the game “Dragon 4” selection, the role of the club female public relations debut.
March 2010, in the ‘Weekly SPA!’ General recruitment type photo planning “beauty タ レ ン ト ッ プ ロ ジ ェ ト ど る ば こ” and realize the portrait idol debut.
In July 2010, change the art name “altar of honey”, after the debut to continue to pictorial idol activities.
After 2012, more than the TV variety.
August 13, 2013, honey was invited to return home for the Japanese staff club racing team kick-off.
Japan ‘s “erotic queen” altar of the altar has always been generous in front of the lens dressing, bold style to let her star off, not only participate in the performance of the drama and try to sing now, recently popular day after Hamasaki Ayumi Photographer friend Lesile Kee invitation, naked no dew point shooting fashion photo, but also rare to see her different past face.
related news
According to the Japanese media reports, SMAP Kimura Takuya, actress altar honey, actor Diao Zhe and Chris Matsumura four people, recently turned the puppet, for the end of the lottery shoot a number of promotional advertising. These ads will be broadcast on the 17th in Japan.
In the commercials, the production unit to Kimura Takuya, altar of honey, crossing philosophy, pine village four for the prototype produced puppet, and Kimura Takuya, altar of honey and other four for the ad in their puppet dubbing, as the series trailer opening ” Dance, “the use of a brisk background music, Kimura Takuya, altar of honey, crossing philosophy and Chris pine village four puppets appear in the picture, dance with the rhythm of the music, they also introduced their own name.
Kimura Takuya and Tan Mi cooperation is the “fraternity”, they play the king game, for the Japanese lottery in the history of the highest first prize 700 million yen (equivalent to about 42.79 million yuan) to do publicity. Responsible for the production of puppets is the United States animation company Chiodo Bros., puppet face facial features and other details of the nose and mouth will be activities, with their own voice is very interesting.

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
OAE-078 Spy Film 壇蜜 120分钟 2013-06-25 Air control
ENTO-036 Nymphomania 2 壇蜜 76分钟 2011-09-29 タオ
ADEN-020 激嬢-妄想ふたり曼荼羅- 神ユキ&壇蜜 80分钟 2010-12-25 ARDEN

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