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After Nakanishi Rina (Yamaguchi Riko) and orange pear yarn (Takamatsu, Science), third from AKB48 AV actress, and is the fourth formal members, in the name of Naruse Risa AKB48, Takamatsu, greater fame than science, from this point on her twitter traffic will be able to see.
Chinese Name: Osaka Haruna (Naruse RISA)
Japanese Name: aisaka in wa – (as Laili sand)
English Name: Haruna Aisaka
Birthday: 1993-08-13
Constellation: Leo
Blood type: O
Height: 163cm
Measurements: B83 W57 H85
Cup: D
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Occupation: AV actress
Hobbies: watching animation, shopping, Yu Ga
AV starred in: 2013-

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
IPZ-387 国民的アイドル 初顔射解禁! 逢坂はるな 170分钟 2014-05-19 アイデアポケット
IPZ-369 FIRST IMPRESSION 80 逢坂はるな 160分钟 2014-04-19 アイデアポケット
TEK-057 国民的アイドルSEX解禁 逢坂はるな 160分钟 2014-01-01 MUTEKI
TEK-052 国民的アイドル 逢坂はるな 100分钟 2013-10-01 MUTEKI

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