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Mei Haruka,Japan’s AV Actress. Love is a high quality female actress, is a beautiful cute female actress, skin and body are very good, looks very attention to maintenance, face and eyes are very charming. She was in front of his debut was a waitress in the cafe, in 2006 only signed to join Japan’s largest AV company S1, and Tong Yu Ju milk image active in the stage. Compared to the company’s big sister big Aoki empty, love Sichuan cuisine with a lovely baby face, a pair of full chest, but her body relative to Aoi is more slender symmetry.
Chinese name:爱川美里菜
Japanese name: 遥めい
English name: Mei Haruka
Alias: 遥めい、めい、千田理子
Nickname: Yao Yao
Birthday: December 19, 1987
Origin: Japan Miyazaki Prefecture
Length: 162cm
Measurements: 84 – 58 – 86 cm
Cup: C
Blood type: Type A
Hobbies: shopping, dancing, playing the piano
AV starred in: 2006 –
In the two years of S1, Aikawa Meili cuisine issued a total of more than 20 pieces, which for the strict control of the quality and quantity of the S1 is simply high yield Called the AV sector civilians days.
But since April 2008, her style of work has gradually become more intense, it may be her personal sensitivity caused by the body. In July 2008, Aikawa Meili was officially dismounted and ended with the S1 contract.
Mention the infantry film, you may have two ideas: first, will go to shoot the actress must be more ugly, because there are yards of the film business do not want them; second, poorly mixed cavalry golfer went there to reveal the secret garden , Because the light is better than starving.
The second point is the current comparison of the situation will occur, but it also significantly improved the quality of infantry films, especially in the “remote め い” (Yao Mei) after the addition of the actress, will let the film fans eyes bright – The original dismount also has such a beauty!
Yes, it is dismount, which means that remote め い (distant Mei) In fact, the original is the cavalry piece of origin, is a mosaic protection.
It was ironic that the fans who were stunned by her infantry were not impressed with the works she had made before the cavalry: In fact, as early as the end of 2006, the name of “Love” was ” The film business debut: At that time the actress to “slender”, “a sense of the model” and “beauty” known, followed by four works.
But in the past few years, the situation is very poor, even with the “love Sichuan Meili” development is flat; in Beauty, she became a single female actress, began in プ レ ス ス テ ー ジ (Prestige) and other films to travel films, from the ” After the “め い” (Mei) the name, after the shooting “noble girl academy 11” when she put her original love Sichuan beauty of the name of the change For today’s well-known “remote め い (distant Mei)”.
Seen her film fans should be on her face the same good and slender slender slim for a variety of dress impressed, strange from her hair to see the list of her really is not red; see her performance is also It is difficult to find the problem, because most of the fake people in the dark fighting in the fighting sector, so she can be dressed in time and sometimes pure and flirtatious, as long as a “boot” she turned into a very Yaoqi witch, especially Her eyes half open half open when the eyes, that is the light! Super-provocative effect!
So she joined the infantry community is actually a good thing to her condition in the infantry community should not be difficult to dominate, and this is a favorite mosaic spoiler fans bless!

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
RED-182 レッドホットフェティッシュコレクション Maison de Lotion : 福山さやか, 波多野結衣, あずみ恋, 小澤マリア, 総勢22名 240分钟 2013-11-26 レッドホットコレクション
RED-162 レッドホットフェティッシュコレクション ~お掃除フェラコレクション~ : クリス小澤, 愛原つばさ, 波多野結衣, 桜井梨花, しずく, 他計20名 240分钟 2012-06-13 レッドホットコレクション
RHJ-242 レッドホットジャム Vol.242 ~夏の想い出~ : 遥めい, 星川エリ 120分钟 2012-06-08 レッドホットコレクション
RED-160 縛ってムーチョ ~緊縛40名~ : 福山さやか, 美里みく, 早乙女りん, 倉知莉花, 紅音ほたる, 他 240分钟 2012-05-03 レッドホットコレクション
DKYH-014 完全ノーモザイク主義コンプリート 4時間 240分钟 2012-04-05 ジャネス
KWS-017 徹底的膣内射精 4時間 インパクトMIX 240分钟 2012-02-15 impact
SKY-217 ゴールドフィンガーズ 2 : 25ガールズ 240分钟 2011-12-05 スカイハイエンターテインメント
WNZS-198 徹底的膣内射精 4時間 2 240分钟 2011-11-15 ワンズファクトリー
SKY-165 スカイハイプレミアム Vol.6 女優30名480分!未公開特典映像150分強! : 遥めぐみ,長谷川ミュウ,なつみ,楠かりん, AYA, 栗栖エリカ, 桜庭彩, 大槻ひびき, 伊藤青葉, 流ダイヤ, ひなの, 桜井りあ, 遥めい, 吉原ミィナ, 小 480分钟 2010-06-07 スカイハイエンターテインメント
PT-46 僕の彼女が遥めいだったら。 : 遥めい 140分钟 2010-04-21 スタジオテリヤキ
022510_780 「囚われた緊縛ドール」 60分钟 2010-02-25 一本道
ZET-012 ナースコール special 240分钟 2010-02-02 プレステージ
011210_752 「史上最強の官能的アブノーマルSEX」 60分钟 2010-01-12 一本道
RED-113 プレミアム レッドホット Vol.4 (2枚組) : 遥めい, RINKA, 上松なぎさ, 叶志穂, 吉川麻美, 水城麗奈, KAREN, 梅宮あん, 美瀬純, 藤木えのる, 日之内優, 永作亜美, 花井カノン, 田村りか, 清水早紀, 水澤りの, 240分钟 2010-01-07 レッドホットコレクション
HP-013 Honey Pot 13 遥めい 112分钟 2009-12-25 リバイバル
DNA-002 ぜ~んぶ直下型後背位 120分钟 2009-08-01 プレステージ
DKYE-019 完全ノーモザイク主義BEST VOL,1~6 240分钟 2009-01-05 ジャネス
PEGA-007 ナースコール 07 115分钟 2008-09-11 プレステージ
DKYE-012 完全ノーモザイク主義 5 82分钟 2008-06-25 ジャネス
BOG-2030 TOKYO PUSSY DOLL 90分钟 2008-01-30 ゴリラプロジェクト
AXSD-005 コイビトシャシン 05 120分钟 2007-09-20 大洋図書
FXYR-020 FOXY LADIES イカしたオンナたち 20 240分钟 2007-09-10 ラストラス
KBH-011 高貴美少女学園 11 3-C 103分钟 2007年8月1日 プレステージ
TRD-037 Tokyo流儀 37 120分钟 2007-05-02 プレステージ
BTYD-019 Kisekae Zuppory 愛川美里菜 120分钟 2007-03-25 BEAUTY
BTYD-013 Ero Nure Manco 愛川美里菜 120分钟 2007-02-25 BEAUTY
BTYD-007 Kuri Ga Gandachi 愛川美里菜 120分钟 2007-01-25 BEAUTY
BTYD-002 Brand New Girl 愛川美里菜 120分钟 2006-12-25 BEAUTY

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