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Reina Inamori, formerly known as Zhang Li, Shanghai, China, in the Japanese AV sector is very famous, is the Japanese AV Actors in one of the few Chinese. In the Japanese AV industry was known as the “Shanghai Nightingale”. She grew up with the family moved to Japan, and grew up in Japan, so it can be said that most of the Japanese, by virtue of Chinese descent, she quickly became popular in the AV sector, of course, because of her origin, the reputation of the Internet can be described as thunder Well known, of course, also attracted most of the users of the contempt and criticism. Maiden sister is not outstanding, her face is square, very traditional, obviously not on the phase, eyes big, pretty good, the overall look more mature.
Chinese name: 稻森丽奈
Formerly: Zhang Li
Japanese name: 稲森麗奈
English name: Reina Inamori
Date of birth: December 4, 1982
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 48kg
Measurements: 84-59-84
Constellation: Sagittarius
Blood type: type B
Origin: Tokyo
Identity dispute
Unlike some of the sites, the Japanese Yahoo has a website marked that Izumini was born in Tokyo, and did not mention that she was Chinese and former name Zhang Li.
Japan Yahoo related website
Chase Rina い な も り れ い な
Birthday: December 4, 1982 (Showa 57)
Origin: Tokyo
Blood type: type B
T160.B84.W59.H84 (2002)

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
OD-MB28 僕の素敵なコスレディ Vol.5 : 稲森麗奈 120分钟 2006-06-06 オリエンタルドリーム
TS-VIN02 ヴィンテージ アン アルティメット コレクション Vol.2 ( 3枚組み) 720分钟 2005-11-25 ツバキハウス
KTS-001 色狂い8人娘。 120分钟 2005-04-29 h.m.p
OD-ZP03 ショーガール : 稲森麗奈 100分钟 2004-12-21 オリエンタルドリーム
TS-VIN01 ヴィンテージ ~ アルティメット コレクション ~ Vol.1 ( 2枚組 ) 480分钟 2004-11-08 ツバキハウス
TS-TSY01 上海夜會 120分钟 2004-05-10 ツバキハウス
041304-412 Inamori Rena 60分钟 2004-04-13 一本道
BNDV-148 奇譚クラブ 女が欲しがる変態エロス Mの目覚め! 171分钟 2003-09-21 h.m.p
WKT-004 変态小屋の调教 うしろから见られたい 60分钟 2003-04-21 h.m.p
WSV-006 痴みどろ… 稲森麗奈 57分钟 2003-03-31 h.m.p
FSV-027 お嬢様犬 爱液よだれ 60分钟 2002-12-21 h.m.p

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