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Kwai Shino (English: Minori Aoi Japanese:葵みのり is a Japanese AV Actress. Kwai Shino wild skin white Huanen, known as the lovely baby face, shooting a great scale. In 1999 the first film “pure woman”, began a large number of active performances, most of them are shooting uniforms series of students sister, air steward-based.
Chinese: 葵实野理
Japanese: 葵みのり
English: Minori Aoi
Date of birth: March 28, 1980
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: type B
Height: 157cm
Weight: 46KG
Measurements: 82 – 54 – 86 cm
Cup cover: B65
Shoes Size: 23.5 cm
AV starred in: 1999-2001
Kwai real recalled: “the deepest impression is done on the hammock,” “see the staff casually set up the hammock, was worried about whether the hammock bear the weight of two people.”
May 2000 in semi-retired state;
2001 has been a short comeback, after very few works launched.
October 28, 2006 Her cover of the works by the People’s Republic of China held in Suzhou City, “the Second World Health City Alliance Conference,” the outdoor advertising campaign cited as “white angel. Health guards” publicity photos, causing great controversy.
Photo event
Japan AV Actress photo boarded Suzhou street advertising that Suzhou public poster event
The 2nd World Healthy City Alliance Conference was held in Suzhou from October 28 to 30, 2006, attended by more than 400 participants from around the world. However, some people to the author of the amazing rebellion, said the streets in the streets of a World Health City Union Conference posters, even the use of the Japanese av female actress photos. Some people think that such a photo on the streets of Suzhou, it is the relevant departments of the extreme irresponsible.

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
HODV-20856 大人のAV vol.7 まとめて10作品 【ほぼ本編まるごと収録】 480分钟 2013-03-01 h.m.p
BNDV-854 スナイパー ロリを凌辱SEXでイジめまくる編 240分钟 2012-03-02 h.m.p
AAJ-002 AV女優100人 1 時代とメーカーを越えてセレクション 480分钟 2012-01-07 オールアダルトジャパン
PDV-125 アリスJAPAN看板シリーズ 女尻リモザイク特別盤 2 240分钟 2010-10-22 アリスJAPAN
PXV-119 あの時、彼女達は18歳だった。有名女優のデビューをプレイバック!! 240分钟 2010-07-23 マックスエー
PXV-110 新 MAXピンクファイル 葵みのり 120分钟 2010-05-14 マックスエー
MDS-560 宇宙企画 2009年 モアベスト ノンストップエクスタシー 240分钟 2009-08-21 ケイ・エム・プロデュース
RMD-744 宇宙企画を彩る気持ちよかったエッチ! ~flowers編~ 240分钟 2008-08-18 h.m.p
MDS-240 宇宙企画COMBO!4時間 ときめきナース編 240分钟 2005-01-14 ケイ・エム・プロデュース
BNDV-172 ザ・潮吹きBomb! 4時間 240分钟 2004-01-10 h.m.p
IH-064 Angel 葵みのり 60分钟 2003-11-12 メディアステーション
IH-062 夢みるセーラー 葵みのり 71分钟 2003-11-12 メディアステーション
XV-098 MAX-A Anniversary 3 240分钟 2002-12-06 Calen
AVD-100 A.I. ATLAS INTEGRAL 360分钟 2002-06-21 ATLAS
SXD-037 タマにはしゃぶりたい DX 120分钟 2002-05-24 トライハート
MDK-014 口技リスペクト 180分钟 2002-02-23 ケイ・エム・プロデュース
SEA-220 恋愛論 葵みのり 60分钟 2001-09-14 トライハート
SXD-016 タマにはしゃぶりたい 葵みのり 100分钟 2001-07-27 SexiA
HJV-014 微熱の天使たち3 60分钟 2000-08-25 h.m.p
HJC-022 生狂い 葵みのり 60分钟 1999-11-30 h.m.p

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