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Japanese AV actress, formerly known as the ban under the actress is the universe project in May 2010 launched the “newcomer”; first, don’t scold the universe planning fraud, in fact the word game point of view they were right, Hasegawa Aya (Hasegawa Aya) the name is new, just is not a new actress debut! Why did this happen? In fact, Avril circle similar situation has It is often seen. appear most often in general, is to replace the original actress brokerage company, stage name cannot be used again (part name and intellectual property rights), so I had to change the name of the control; and Hasegawa Aya (Hasegawa Aya) of the case, in addition to the name change, height also more than two centimeters apart, including birthday, cup are the same as before, the intention of this change is very simple, is to recognize you she is under the ban!

Chinese Name: 长谷川绫
Japanese Name: 長谷川綾
English Name: Hasegawa Aya
Birthday: 1990-10-02
Zodiac sign: Libra
Blood type: A
Height: 165cm
Measurements: B88 W58 H88
Cup: F
Born in Japan Kochi
Occupation: AV actress
Hobbies: going to the movies and taking a walk with the dog
AV starred in: 2010-

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
MIBD-818 巨乳ナースパイズリ盛り沢山8時間 480分钟 2014-05-01 ムーディーズ
MIBD-752 巨乳・結合が目前に迫る迫力アングル100連発!! 240分钟 2013-09-01 ムーディーズ
MDS-607 生中出し コス姫 長谷川綾 110分钟 2010-08-20 メディアステーション
RMDS-604 絶叫Venus 長谷川綾 110分钟 2010-07-23 メディアステーション
MIBD-505 白衣の天使の献身看護4時間 240分钟 2010-07-01 ムーディーズ
RMDS-595 学校でしようよ 長谷川綾 120分钟 2010-06-18 メディアステーション
RMDS-589 Virgin Love 長谷川綾 110分钟 2010-05-17 メディアステーション
MIDD-602 猥褻なカラダ。-裸体接写・濃密SEX- 坂下梢 120分钟 2010-03-13 ムーディーズ
MIDD-593 絶叫天使が声出せない! 坂下梢 120分钟 2010-02-13 ムーディーズ
MIDD-577 絶叫と笑顔の天使 坂下梢 120分钟 2010-01-13 ムーディーズ

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