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Sarina Ono,Japan’s AV Actress. Many people for the first time to see Ono yarn Rina (Hashimoto dance), are scared of the feeling of heaven, Ono yarn Rina (Hashimoto dance) has a white flawless skinny, handsome incomparable face, model level body. The United States if the angel is the wild konne in the most appropriate an adjective.
Chinese name: Ono yarn Rina (Hashimoto dance)
Japanese name: Ono yarn Rina
English name: Sarina Ono
Birthday: November 10, 1988
Place of birth: Fukushima Prefecture, Japan
Height: 157cm
Measurements: 90 – 58 – 84 cm
Cup: E
Blood type: AB type
Hobbies: reading, playing with cats, watching movies
Specialty: cooking, humming
AV starring: 2009 –
Many people for the first time saw the Ono yarn Rina, that is, Hashimoto dance, are scared of the feeling of heaven, right, that is, her dream of beauty, is this look: white flawless snow tender skin, handsome incomparable Of the face, model level of the body. Ono yarn Reni, someone wrote into Ono Sainan. Although the fame is not loud, but the appearance and body is very outstanding, when the performance of charming to the bones of sexy beauty.
Interpretation experience
Ono yarn Rina, born in 1988, she may be relatively mature, usually will be classified as sister (sister) Department, the wife of the Department of female actress.
Relative to other actress, Ono yarn Rina is a relatively “low-key” one, film business low-key, the number of films is also low-key, because of this, in the face of such a good thing, little brother think it is necessary to recommend to you do not know you.
Waap origin of the wild yarn Rina, the beginning of several works did not cause any attention to me, just think the new ok ok. Brother really was his liberation is made by the prestige of the “ス レ ン ダ ー ス レ ン ダ ラ ン elders # 05 さ り な” this work. (Translation: skinny beauty, number: EZD305)
In this piece of the work of the release of the night shadow, the first paragraph of the release, the eyes really let me light up, this figure is simply the model level, coupled with his opponent Azawa Yang was originally a master of sex, the whole saw Ono was teased to live. Familiar with the girlfriend friends must know that the characteristics of Ono Yanni is that one of the ultra-white skin, for me, I prefer him to wear black stockings look like, because his skin is too white, black stockings set off him The skin color is more beautiful. (These two works have a lot of black stockings pieces: “を を う う う う う 纱 纱 纱 纱 纱 っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ っ って も ら い ま せ ん か? Vspds469 “)
Ono yarn Rina figure, most people for the sense of bone is the poor milk, Ono in so he had a little bit of bone feeling on the body down with a good breast type breasts. White, skinny, little milk, of course, there are flat belly, this flat belly is often riding in the time to play the effect, of course, does not include that sweet smile to the sweet smile, the time will be slightly open Mouth intoxicated expression.
Ono yarn Rina is a beauty, Peugeot beauty, performance when the show to the bones of the coquettish beauty. Little brother personally think it is not too much need to make his body caused by sister (sister) Department, the wife of the Department of female actress, in fact, according to his characteristics and acting, as long as the brokerage firm operating with the film is appropriate, there will be a chance
“Miracle actress”, this was originally used to describe the original yarn Yang Li used to describe the Ono yarn Rena was not too much. Why do you say that the beginning of the year that time, the ladies region is basically every day who asked this actress who has become a standard Japanese version of the post, add up to ask more than 30 times, many of which are used in the title “beautiful if angel” , “God-level actress” to describe her. Yes, the United States if the angel is a small wild yarn in the most appropriate an adjective.
Ono Yino has such as white flawless skin and handsome face, barely enough to make a lot of wolf friends so drunk. Especially her skin, in my impression that the skin can be white to this extent only the North of the more fragrant seeds, fragrant Osaka lily and so few people.
Ono yarn Rina’s acting to tell the truth is more general, but the feeling is very real, not contrived, she ml naturally reveal the enchanting expression, people pity endless. At the same time had to emotion,
Ono yarn Rina road is not smooth, choose the second-line company in the WANZ FACTORY debut, filmed two pieces and then rushed to HIBINO and MOMJ two standard wife company took two wife film, tell the truth, see the film cover also Really Ono really very much like a desire for dissatisfaction with his wife, it is difficult to believe that she was 22 years old this year. After the gradual rise of the “beauty” company took a film, I thought she could finally enter the big company when the steady development of the time to leave again, one after another shot two more heavy taste of the film, Ma drug prosecutors and coercion ス イ ー Suites. There are rumors that she is ready to retreat, I think it is not reliable, from the current trend of view, she may use a variety of prime names everywhere wandering, to meet more challenges, after all, her development potential is still very large.

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