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Mami Yuuki, born on January 13, 1991, was born in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. One of the actresses of the Five Promotion Company, see the theme of the debut in the debut of 2011. “People’s Ladies” (Also know that the actress is playing the “super star face” slogan debut, the answer is written on the title is very clear, Yuki Mu-day (excellent wood Ma Mei) imitation is the Japanese popular portrait girl “excellent wood ま お み”. In addition, she was some people think that with AKB48’s Shinoda Ma Lizi is very similar.
Chinese name: 优木麻美

Japanese name:优木まみ
English name: Mami Yuuki
Birthday: 1991-01-13
Constellation: Capricorn
Blood type: A
Height: 175
Measurements: B88 W62 H90
Cup: C
Born: Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Occupation: AV Actress
Interests: foreign travel
AV starred in: 2011-

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
BIB-050 美2011年下半期総集編 240分钟 2012-04-25
BEB-035 離さない視線 ~焦らしと接吻と私~ 優木まみ 120分钟 2011-10-25
BEB-032 長身痴女 優木まみ 150分钟 2011-09-25
XV-965 『もう無理!』なんて言わせない。 優木まみ 120分钟 2011-08-26 マックスエー
XV-960 MAX GIRLS 41 230分钟 2011-08-12 マックスエー
XV-958 エロかしこい家庭教師お姉さん 優木まみ 120分钟 2011-07-22 マックスエー
XV-952 粘膜結合 本気すぎる6本番 優木まみ 218分钟 2011-06-24 マックスエー
XV-948 MAX GIRLS 40 220分钟 2011-06-10 マックスエー
XV-945 New Comer あのエロかしこいでお馴染みの人気タレント優木ま○み激似の新人がファン騒然AVデビュー!! 優木まみ 120分钟 2011-05-27 マックスエー

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