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Erika Momodani), born in 1993, is currently a exclusive AV Actress of Presitige (mosquito coils), who debuted in 2013. With the “tofu Xi Shi,” the title of a work on the Internet burst red, beautiful beauty left a deep impression, attracted the attention of the majority of otaku, it can be said to burst the whole network of the network! Because the image of the bean curd is too strong, so the final Prestige or with a special contract to sign her, vegetarian tofu house Xi Shi “na na” in February 2014 officially debut.
Chinese name: 桃谷绘里香
Foreign name: 桃谷エリカ
English name: Erika Momodani
Alias: small peach
Nationality: Japan
National: Yamato
Constellation: Taurus
Blood type: O type
Height: 165cm
Weight: 48kg
Measurements: 84-56-82
Date of birth: 1993-4-22
Occupation: actress
AV starring: 2014 –
Character deeds
In Peter’s Max’s “ri ri ri ka” name in the works.
But because at that time only 38 kg ri ri ri too too thin, really can be used to describe the skinny, works of concern is not high.
But at the end of 2013 in the MVG with na na stage name, relying on a network with the letter to download the work of crazy network. Only a short period of time to become the annual prime person ranked sixth, beyond the entire year AV sales, the highest in the history of the fastest sales record topic. Making a lot of people looking for this tofu house beauty, this film in the MGS list is also a long time for a long time ranked first, we can see the popularity of the public recognition.
And then by Prestige film business (mosquito coils) fancy, in February 1, 2014 in the name of a dedicated person to sell works
Today, the official trial of the name of the name of peach Valley エ リ カ (peach valley painted incense) signed mosquito coils society

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
ABP-178 プレステージ夏祭 2014 桃谷エリカ 淫乱、覚醒。 150分钟 2014-08-12 ABSOLUTELY PERFECT
ABP-171 彼女のお姉さんは、誘惑ヤリたがり娘。 桃谷エリカ 125分钟 2014-07-19 ABSOLUTELY PERFECT
ABP-159 天然成分由来 桃谷エリカ汁120% 145分钟 2014-06-20 ABSOLUTELY PERFECT
ABP-145 濃密な接吻と欲情ベロキス性交 04 桃谷エリカ 130分钟 2014-05-23 ABSOLUTELY PERFECT
ABP-138 桃谷エリカがご奉仕しちゃう◆超最新やみつきエステ 137分钟 2014-05-01 ABSOLUTELY PERFECT
CHN-037 新・絶対的美少女、お貸しします。 ACT.20 桃谷エリカ 147分钟 2014-04-11
ABP-119 一泊二日、美少女完全予約制。 第二章 ~桃谷エリカの場合~ 127分钟 2014-03-21 ABSOLUTELY PERFECT
ABP-108 NEW TOKYO流儀 04 桃谷エリカ 110分钟 2014-02-21 ABSOLUTELY PERFECT

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