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Seira Yamakawa, June 1, 1992,Tokyo Pretoria Japanese actress, as a ” According to their own revealed that their school was bullying, had anorexia, had wanted to become a teacher, and finally when the AV actress.
Name: 山川青空
English name: Seira Yamakawa
Birthday: June 1, 1992
Origin: Tokyo
Blood type: Type A
Height: 165cm
Measurements: 88 – 58 – 84 cm
Cup: E
Belong to: Prestige
AV starring: 2012 –
Character anecdotes
“To my father when I am an actress”
December 2012 in the A film industry officially debut of the AV female blue sky, on January 7 updated called “to my father as an AV actress” blog article.
Mountains and plains in the article so wrote: “apologize for my silence, apologize for my lies. Can not personally to say very sorry. Dad called the phone conceal shocked to ask me ‘in the magazine cover to see like Your girl that is your own? A full two pages, you are not when the plane portrait girl? ‘Things suddenly scared me do not know how to answer, can only say a’ I will give you to play Phone ‘to hang up the phone, after many calls I did not answer and did not send mail to explain, and my father called the phone the next day, just my fourth shot.
This blog post from the beginning with his father frankly confession, to let his father know that the call to ask their own is trying to shoot a new film. And later mentioned in the past has been bullied and squatting experience, hoping to become a famous university teachers in the tutorial classes to work, and so on, kept apologizing to his father: “For my father this hard must be no I’m sorry, I’m sorry I really chose to go to the AV Actress on this road.
But at the same time, the mountains and blue air but stressed that they have made up their minds to work as an AV actress: “Now escape or resign is actually very simple, but this will be my hope that the disappearance of the black history. Even if I can not accept The AV Actress, please also believe that I believe in the road.
For the mountains and blue sky blog article, many people have expressed support and understanding of the message, some people on the blog message said: “It is not ladies do not matter, you should choose what you want to work, as long as the hard work on the line! And between the father The problem must be resolved by virtue of time. “;” Xiaoqing refueling ~ hope you can work hard to use practical action to impress your father.
The same is the AV Actress Xiaokang Nana even moved to said: “I read your blog article I cried.” Mori also directly under the mountains and plains, “my parents have been strongly opposed, but the time to solve everything, Come on!
On the other hand, 2ch on the Internet users have also discussed them, but the mountains and blue sky blog message to encourage different, they show more worried
“If you really consider the feelings of his father on the line as soon as possible”; “will gradually suffer from mental illness … …” Some people pointed out that this is speculation.

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
MIBD-811 MOODYZ2013年全タイトル16時間 960分钟 2014-04-13 ムーディーズ
MIBD-805 おねだり痴女の絶品騎乗位逆レイプ81人8時間!! 480分钟 2014-03-13 ムーディーズ
MIDE-077 逆痴漢 山川青空 120分钟 2014-03-01 ムーディーズ
GNE-029 続・隣の美人なお姉さんはH好き 2 127分钟 2014-02-11 GALLOP
MIDE-061 心音と青空 専属美女共演SPECIAL 水谷心音 山川青空 210分钟 2014-02-01 ムーディーズ
MIDE-052 女教師レイプ輪姦 山川青空 160分钟 2014-01-01 ムーディーズ
MIDE-041 1日10回射精しても止まらないオーガズムSEX 山川青空 200分钟 2013-12-01 ムーディーズ
PPT-005 山川青空 BEST PRESTIGE PREMIUM TREASURE 8時間 480分钟 2013-11-01 プレステージ
MIDE-032 猛烈なKISSと絡み合う肉体 山川青空 120分钟 2013-11-01 ムーディーズ
ABP-035 山川青空、満足度満点ソープ DX 130分钟 2013-08-22 プレステージ
ABP-020 山川青空 meets エスカレートしまくるドしろーとファン PRESTIGEファン大感謝祭! バスツア~ 240分钟 2013-07-19 プレステージ
ABP-008 僕を大好き過ぎる山川青空の騎乗位中毒な発情期 120分钟 2013-06-11 プレステージ
ABS-232 ENJOY HI-SCHOOL 08 山川青空 110分钟 2013-05-21 プレステージ
ABS-220 山川青空がご奉仕しちゃう◆最新やみつきエステ 120分钟 2013-04-19 プレステージ
ABS-211 狙われたキャンパス探偵 130分钟 2013-03-22 プレステージ
ABS-200 僕を誘惑する隣の綺麗なお姉さん 山川青空 120分钟 2013-02-21 プレステージ
LOO-007 「大人のオンナにして下さい。」 山川青空 135分钟 2013-01-22 プレステージ
MAS-094 続・素人娘、お貸しします。 VOL.60 130分钟 2012-12-21 プレステージ

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