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Mizuki Hinano, Chinese name Peng Xuanrong, February 11, 1982 -) was born in Taiwan Taiwan compatriots, the father is Japanese, mother for the Taiwan Hakka, Taiwan rejuvenation business three days off school. In his adult film in Japan, he showed his driver’s license to prove himself from Taiwan as a selling point, causing a lot of Taiwanese bounce. However, due to the development of the adult film industry in Japan did not expect the results of the development, on August 11, 2007 announced the retreat from the AV sector and left Japan, began in Taiwan’s entertainment industry development. But because of the controversy of AV Actress identity, the development of the entertainment industry in Taiwan is not too smooth, once several times because of negative gossip news boarded the media layout, a small well-known in Taiwan.
Chinese name: 观月雏乃
Japanese name: 観月ひなの
English name: Hinano Mizuki
Alias: Peng Xuanrong
Nickname: Sweet
Measurements: 83 – 57 – 85 cm
Cup: C
Height / weight: 163 cm / 43 kg
Nation: Chinese and Japanese mixed race
Date of birth: February 11, 1982
Place of birth: China · Taiwan · Taipei City
AV starred in: 2003-2007
work experience
Taiwan AV Actress first person – view of the moon is the first in Taiwan, Japan to do AV Actress of the Chinese people. Born in Taiwan, Chinese and Japanese hybrid, father Japanese, mother Taiwanese. The original is the Taipei County Fuxing business students, the concept of the month that they do not like to study, just after the change in the number of vocational, and finally did not complete the study that is to Japan to make a living, dating site left “rehabilitation business” that she attended Of the first school, because it is not her favorite advertising design section, three days of school transfer to Keelung, Beitou and other places of vocational school, readme was three rape, so in 2000 to Japan to develop. She said that the people of Taiwan to Japan to develop very hard, the Japanese exclusion is very strong, to eat this line of rice to have “fight” mentality, to fight for sales, the director issued the order to comply, otherwise the director think you are Difficult to engage. “In order to have performance, I do not pick any film, eat a lot of bitterness in Japan, my mood no one understands, said no one understands, every day tears.” View of the month said. She has withdrawn from the Japanese AV sector, began to develop in Taiwan’s entertainment industry. Taiwan actress on the moon is in Japan when shooting AV film, show their own Taiwan driver’s license and a war fame, but because it is “notorious” and caused a lot of Taiwan people resentment, the film was taken to bold “feces Department of “mostly. Later, because the development of the AV sector in Japan is not the way to return to Taiwan development, but also because AV actress controversial identity, negative news than the performing arts wonderful.
Sleep with the wind
In April 2013, the view of the moon is, Aoi and other AV actress popular network, although the view of the moon is also known as the “teacher”, and many actress to accompany the sleep wave also followed, well-known media broke the news Jiao Xuhui By a program invitation, broke the news of these actress to accompany the sleep storm. In this regard, July 7, 2013, before the AV female concept is the first through the Sina microblogging denied a night of 50,000 rumors, and issued a warning that: “In recent days, Satsuki inexplicable was involved in rotten news, No trouble I have a good working life, those who do not matter I have been implicated, is to be small on the month of the report is it? Well! Tell you those who tell lies! “May be aware of some emotional over, then View the moon is to delete this microblogging. In the subsequent 23:07, the view of the moon is updated microblogging, said: “No matter the outside gossip, clear from the clear! First full of warm stomach is more important. Eat supper first.” And upload their own wearing glasses Duzui sell Meng Of the photos and a number of food photos, see, view the moon is not affected by the impact of outside rumors.
Car accident
Married, net worth of more than 1 billion yuan well-known Taiwan Chairman of a building Ye Maohong, April 5, 2013 opened 27 million yuan Lamborghini run, carrying the former AV female concept on the young man to the new North City fresh water for a rain Road crater, ultra-running moment of fire into the scrap iron, car destroyed people did not hurt Ye Maohong claiming to be “rich three generations”, do not care about the price of ultra-running torch, but rush to the hospital to visit the minor injury was on the moon.
The concept of the moon is faded out of the showbiz 4 years, 5 days due to sit on the 41-year-old Ye Ji-chi to build Dong Ye Mao-hong driving value of 27 million Lamborghini LP-700-4, but accidentally crash car accident accident, once again become news Focus, according to her friends revealed that she claimed to be Japanese translation, the man did not know she was the former AV Actress.

NO Collections Publisher Date
EMP-001 生けにえ ビッグモーカル 2010-08-22
SSGR-013 インモラル学園 BEST2 ビッグモーカル 2005-06-25
SSG-013 インモラル学園 BEST2     【VHS】 ビッグモーカル 2005-06-15
D-818 挑発痴女 3 ビッグモーカル 2004-08-25
DWS-17 エクソダスゴールド 17 観月ひなの ワイルドサイド 2004-05-21
DWE-03 名門アナル王国 3 ワイルドサイド 2004-04-09
FS-009 女子校生部活日誌 EPISODE.5 サッカー部編 ホットエンターテイメント 2004-02-20
HET-251 女子校生部活日誌 EPISODE.5 サッカー部編 ホットエンターテイメント 2004-02-20
EMP-01 生けにえ     【VHS】 ビッグモーカル 2004-01-25
DDN-056 童貞諸君!痴女と合コンしませんか? ドグマ 2003-11-10
TBD-02 若妻の旅 2 光夜蝶 2003-10-22
DDM-004 発射GO!GO!GO! ドグマ 2003-10-10
DRD-026 オマンコ封印、24時間アナル三昧。 ワープエンタテインメント 2003-09-18
SK-113 まんぐり返し90分 観月ひなの ワンズファクトリー 2003-08-01

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