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(Shimizu Yuka), formerly known as Mutou Ran, Japanese av goddess, under the new Japanese plan (New Japan プ ロ ジ ェ ッ ト, also known as maedamodels) under the. In 2002 a total of 212 AV works available, and received the Guinness Book of World Records as “one year to sell the most pornographic film actress and producer” world record title owner, in 2003 is a record starred 304 AV works, AV industry is the largest record of the record holders. However, since Muto Lan announced the end of the year, so the production company did not apply for her new world record certification. Which within two years set a 516 AV works is also the highest record in the history of Japan AV. Muto Lan is a controversial Japanese three stars, her career is for many people disdain, but I do not know the fire dance and FF7 COS appearance is also considered more classic.
Name: Muto Lan
Alias: 清水优香、朝河兰
Measurements: 86 – 58 – 85 cm (D cup)
Cup: D
Height / Weight: 158cm / 47kg
Born: September 4, 1980
Constellation: Virgo
Zodiac: monkey
Personality: introverted
Blood type: O type
National: Yamato
Marital status: Married
Interests: travel, playing piano
Brokerage firm: New Japan プ ロ ジ ェ ト (New Japan Project) (debut)
Location: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Year of operation: 2001-2003
Sex type: personal sexual intercourse, intrauterine ejaculation, Yan shot, in the out of the same performance, street naked, sexual abuse, rope tied, no mosaic
Character life
Muto Lan is also called the river, she is a Korean, but in Japan. Wu Teng Lan called Asia’s first AV actress, although the body is not particularly prominent, but it is so charming, and acting well. As a result of its active performance, in 2002 a total of 212 AV works available, and received the Guinness Book of World Records certified as “one year to sell the most pornographic film actress and producer” world record title owner. Muto is the AV industry’s largest record of the record holders, is the mainland of China more influential AV, the fans called “Lan Lan.”
In 2001 the outbreak of the industry frenzy, Muto Lan and Chuan Nai Central is the two pillars, and later into the development of the entertainment industry, Muto Lan suddenly unexpected retreat. Muto Lan is the founder and pioneer of the obsessive society, and many of her practices and ideas are imitated by the younger generation or the company. In the JP market like Lolita, I was in a typical beauty face, but the beauty of her face was popular in foreign countries. In overseas, Muto Lan was probably the most famous JP Actress.
One year in 2002, 212 works were available and the Guinness Book of Records applied for this record. The following year is 2003, it is refreshed this record, participated in a total of 304 works performances, the same year on October 23 issued a retreat statement.
Wu Teng Lan has been retired, but still often go to Taiwan Hong Kong publicity, than Ozawa round more popular.
Cosplay characters
Muto Lan as a girl in 2004 retreat, in addition, she also called the decade of Cosplay pioneer figures. The most well-known image should be “fist” in the unknown dance, as well as “Final Fantasy X” in the Lulu.
Suspended animation
The truth of the event
Muto Lan in the winter of 2003, because for some reason declared temporarily away from the AV sector. At that time there was news that she was sick of retreat. Until June 20, 2006, because the film about constantly caused by the trouble, Muto Lan through the broker published a formal declaration of retreat. This declaration has been posted on the Internet, and mainland China’s AV lovers, many fans of Muto Lan fans are very disappointed, some people shouted out of the AV sector, the equivalent of Muto Lan in their hearts have died. And through the spread of many people mistakenly, it has become a natural death of Muto Lan. Plus the Japanese online Muto Lan out of the AV sector statement, more friends do not understand Japanese more believe this message, and finally even this rumor back to the Japanese online.
Japan Muto Lan official website, published a rumor statement excerpt as follows:
“… … Chinese mainland の ウ ウ ブ サ イ ト か ら の reported に よ れ ば, the first day, toward the river (Wu Teng Lan) が disease べ る し た う で す. Who か Chinese が わ か っ ta ら, し し て く れ ま す か お wish い し ま す.ア ド レ ス は … ”
Event impact
According to the aftermath of the study, the sound of the death of Wu Tuo Lan due to a message of the network BBS — “Memorial Muto Lanjun”, the day the post click rate of more than 100,000.
Followed by Wuhan University, Suzhou University BBS summed up a number of widely circulated commemorative poetry and articles. Which includes the Zhejiang version of the “Patio Spring Muto Lan”, the major version of the “water tune song remember Lan Lan”, the famous network writers epee rain “mourning Muto Lan”, Huazhong Science and Technology Edition “Muto Blue, where are you “, and even worse also fabricated a” shocked the famous movie Martino Lan death, Divine earth shaking “communication.
“Commemorate Muto Lan” activities and even gave birth to a network buzzwords: “people do not know Muto Lan, see the AV is also in vain.” Although the news was later proved to be rumors, but has proved the influence of Muto Lan.

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
COSU-001 ブルマー少女をねぶり尽くす らん 朝河蘭 110分钟 2014-03-13 ラマコス/妄想族
MMO-011 20th anniversary 人妻熟女302人 いやらしい美人妻からドスケベ熟女まで…丸ごと見せます!10時間スペシャル 600分钟 2013-11-07 桃太郎映像出版
DDT-436 復刻女優ベスト 朝河蘭 240分钟 2013-08-19 ドグマ
T28-303 あの時の君に会いたい。 朝河蘭 8時間 480分钟 2013-02-22 TMA
BMW-010 朝河蘭8時間 480分钟 2013-01-01 ワンズファクトリー
HODV-20830 大人のAV 番外編【00年代アイドル10人収録】 240分钟 2012-12-07 h.m.p
WED-084 完全保存版!!エロガール!!8時間!!2枚組 480分钟 2012-08-25 ハヤブサ
AAJB-110 【AV30】オーロラ・プロジェクト 伝説の巨乳コレクション 250分钟 2012-07-13 オーロラプロジェクト・アネックス
ID-20019 完全保存版 懐かしのAVアイドル厳選映像集 2枚組8時間 480分钟 2012-05-25 TMA
NIT-082 ノーカット 朝河蘭 360分钟 2012-04-01 NIRVANA
BUR-370 懐かしのAVアイドルBEST4時間 980 240分钟 2012-03-16 グレイズ
AAJ-015 痴女の殿堂 【最高最強の淫乱プレイ】 480分钟 2012-03-13 オールアダルトジャパン
DEX-044 DECADE EX 44 朝河蘭 90分钟 2012-01-27 ピエロ
BDSR-076 巨乳・美脚 100人 素人OL BEST8時間 480分钟 2011-11-25 ビッグモーカル
SDMT-614 朝河蘭 4時間 SOD Premium Collection 240分钟 2011-11-05 SODクリエイト
MIBD-586 懐かしの名痴女優 240分钟 2011-09-13 ムーディーズ
AMD-291 BEST OF ソープ20人4時間 240分钟 2011-01-21 メディアバンク
ALD-399 はしたない未亡人 240分钟 2011-01-07 桃太郎映像出版
WAB-105 10th ANNIVERSARY 痴女 BEST 240分钟 2010-07-01 ワンズファクトリー
AMD-244 女教師24人4時間 240分钟 2010-04-16 Allure
SDMS-789 オナニーのお手伝いしてあげる… 30th Anniversary 240分钟 2009-07-09 SODクリエイト
ONED-950 絶頂の瞬間が一番美しい。 勢いのあるアクメ顔 120分钟 2009-06-20 レイディックス
HFD-030 濡れボイン×THE4時間 240分钟 2008-09-15 ドリームチケット
ABOD-238 豪華ハメ狂い淫乱女優大集合!8時間 480分钟 2008-03-19 A-BOX
APD-113 先生が挑発的で僕もうガマンできない 8時間総集編 480分钟 2008-01-10 エーピーエー
CADV-015 お姉さんが犯してあげる 8時間100連発!! 480分钟 2007-09-28 CRYSTAL EX
ONED-928 K点超え!手コキと勢いのある射精 120分钟 2007-09-22 レイディックス
BSDV-196 誘う淫妻 ジラす悪妻 責める激妻 120分钟 2007-01-27 ビースバル
ONED-923 どうにかなりそう!!手コキと勢いのある射精 120分钟 2007-01-25 レイディックス
GON-271 THE PREMIUM COLLECTION 500分 500分钟 2006-12-08 GLAY’z ONE
ERDV-095 朝河蘭980 120分钟 2006-04-21 エクストリージョン
RGD-080 変態性欲スーパーマニア 140分钟 2006-04-07 HRC
ONED-912 脚と射精 120分钟 2005-12-16 レイディックス
SDK-034 妖艶AV人気女優 朝河蘭ハメ撮りFUCK! 120分钟 2005-11-11 素人倶楽部
IEVD-009 ロード・オブ・ザ・ロング 120分钟 2005-08-04 アイエナジー
DDT-118 拘束椅子トランス ベスト vol.1 141分钟 2005-04-15 ドグマ
BA-005 交尾女20人 本気汁まみれのSEX結合 960分钟 2004-12-01 BATA
VIPD-278 ザ・パーフェクトAV!痴女アイドル4時間 240分钟 2004-11-26 VIP
MDED-311 痴女BEST 2 120分钟 2004-11-15 MOODYZ Best
DDT-104 強制フェラ・ベスト vol.1 145分钟 2004-11-08 Dogma
SMU-039 80人のBESTアイドル 8時間Special 480分钟 2004-08-13 デジタルドリーム
MILD-199 SEXトライアスロン4時間 240分钟 2004-08-13 ケイ・エム・プロデュース
IDBD-053 Angel フェラ5人抜きセレクション 240分钟 2004-06-08 未填写
DVDPS-377 女優61人!連続発射図鑑 計100発! 4 120分钟 2004-04-03 DEEP’S
MDED-193 美脚BEST 240分钟 2004-03-01 MOODYZ Best
MMDV-250 私は痴女 4時間DX5 240分钟 2004-02-27 MMC
MIBOD-07 女忍 四 115分钟 2004-02-06 未亡人
SDDL-314 デジモベストセレクション VOL.5 フェラチオ編 120分钟 2004-01-08 未填写
NOV-2445 痴女優コレクション おしゃぶり編 180分钟 2003-12-19 KASAKURA
MMDV-227 スーパーGスポットXXX VOL.8 180分钟 2003-11-28 MMC
HET-197 極上痴女に犯されたい 最強痴女8人の秘技 120分钟 2003-10-15 HOT
HET-193 100人美脚!240分 240分钟 2003-09-20 ホットエンターテイメント
VIPD-200 月刊ディープスロート 120分钟 2003-09-19 メディアバンク
MDLD-076 チンポ中毒ドスケベ女 朝河蘭 100分钟 2003-09-15 MOODYZ Legend
MMDV-202 Sexすれば元気になれる!! おまかせ即尺クリニック 240分钟 2003-08-22 MMC
HET-177 100人しゃぶって!咥えて!240分 240分钟 2003-08-10 ホットエンターテイメント
DKSW-01 Dance Dance Dance Vol.1 65分钟 2003-07-30 K’S WORKS
NHT-006 2003年度上半期◆ナチュラルハイ作品集 120分钟 2003-07-19 NATURAL HIGH
IESP-032 巨乳女医 モミモミ総合病院 210分钟 2003-07-05 暴夢
DVDPS-262 女優50人のアナル見せます!2 100分钟 2003-07-05 DEEP’S
IESP-030 超最高級秘書 朝河蘭 210分钟 2003-06-20 暴夢
XXD-001 THE フェラチオ!!完全リップ待遇 90分钟 2003-02-19 MB
IQP-001 未公開秘蔵映像集 強制フェラチオ全身リップベスト版 120分钟 2003-01-10 IE NERGY!
DVDPS-215 情欲不倫妻 ~女郎上がりの蜘蛛婦人~ 100分钟 2003-01-10 DEEP’S
IESP-018 超最高級看護婦 朝河蘭 210分钟 2002-12-06 IE NERGY!
BSPD-030 痴女でやっちゃえ! 150分钟 2002-11-20 MARX
HET-094 グッドペローズ 90分钟 2002-11-15 HOT
DDG-017 誘惑のお姉さん 朝河蘭 120分钟 2002-11-08 Dogma
DVA-033 MISS ARMIES 朝河蘭 深津まり 90分钟 2002-10-16 POISON
DVA-030 淫女 SUPER IDOL BEST 4 240分钟 2002-10-16 未填写
TUXD-01 艶 朝河蘭 80分钟 2002-10-01 未填写
HET-075 マルチストーリー 社長令嬢ゲーム 120分钟 2002-09-15 HOT
MMDV-134 URECCO娘。 2 超人気娘大集合 210分钟 2002-07-26 MMC
DTD-001 BEST HIT 2002年 ドリームチケット 上半期総集編 100分钟 2002-07-10 ドリームチケット
SWD-029 animal-X 90分钟 2002-06-19 ドリームチケット

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