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Mei Sawai, August 31, 1983 -) Japan AV Actress, because of looks like Fan Bingbing in China has a good popularity, has won the “like flowers in full bloom AV actress” list second.
Chinese name: 泽井芽衣
Japanese name: 沢井芽衣
English name: Mei Sawai
Born: August 31, 1983
Height / Weight: 157cm / 48kg
Measurements: 88 – 59 – 86 cm
Blood type: A
Place of birth: Tokyo
Year: 2005 –
Ze well bud clothing (Japanese name: Tszawa well bud), born in 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. Looks like a foolish look, said she looks like Fan Bingbing, some people say that her chest is plastic surgery. But who is true or false, leave is not to please the audience.
Ze well buds have a very beautiful looks, her eyes large, with deep double eyelids, eyes in a Wang Chun water, it can discharge. Her face is melon seeds face, facial features are also very Peugeot, in short, is a big beauty.
Ze well bud clothing body is more full, cups larger, chest certainly more than the information that 88cm, but has been confirmed to be false. In addition, her abdomen has a lot of fat. Waist slender, buttocks are quite rounded.
Ze well swollen acting in general, the sound is tender, there is the eyes of the charming, a pair of delicate expression, but feel some contrived. Because the relationship with the star, the bud clothing sister’s popularity rose sharply, online popularity is high, so although Ze wells bud clothing debut film less, but loved by the majority of users.

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
MVF-021 巨乳女狩り 22 90分钟 2012-05-04 クリスタル映像
HYPD-005 <貴女の願望、叶えます。> 120分钟 2007-12-25 HYPER240
CADV-003 極選4時間 巨乳女狩り 240分钟 2007-05-25 クリスタル映像
OPDD-005 美熟女エロス 3 沢井芽衣 107分钟 2006-12-22 アルファーインターナショナル
ALPD-001 アルファ・ベスト 01 究極のベスト盤「O-Plan」編 120分钟 2006-12-22 アルファーインターナショナル
HET-476 素人がAVギャルになる瞬間が最高 100分钟 2005-09-25 ホットエンターテイメント
OPDD-05 美熟女エロス3~お願い!もう許して下さい~  沢井芽衣 100分钟 2005-08-26 アルファーインターナショナル
MVF-21 巨乳女狩り 22 90分钟 2005-08-13 クリスタル映像

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