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KONISHI YUU is Prestige exclusive actress, she and Kato Rina (Kato Lina) is the same debut of the av goddess. Now retired. Small Xiyou skin white, chest fullness, there are friends that looks and mainland China actress Liu Yan similar.
Chinese name: 小西悠
Japanese name: こにしゆう
English name: KONISHI YUU
Location: Japan
Nation: Japan
Constellation: Taurus
Pupil color: brown
Hair color: brown
Height / weight: 155 cm / kg
Measurements: 86 – 57 – 87 cm
Cup: E
Sex type: personal sexual intercourse, mouth ejaculation, Yan shot
The first works of the small west road are released in August 2010 (2010/8) “Private と い っ し ょ に AV for り ま せ ん か? 03 “, Prestige on the one hand is to use” color white, beauty milk, beauty “you to describe the superior appearance of the actress, on the other hand is set her as” ギ ャ ル ル “(spicy sister sister); usually In the Prestige see “sister” the word we have to be psychologically prepared, because it means that if the girls are not more enthusiastic initiative, it is probably going to abuse the direction of the run, in this practice, the small West Debut also showed a very different style:
This debut is a small West to Okinawa shooting, from the network message version of the selection of prime people “screen experience”, the results in the catalysis of alcohol (the second paragraph of her and the first person to drink and then love), small Xiyou show The “good sense of” characteristics, in the male caress and high-speed sprint, her body twist and uninterrupted “イ ク ~ (go)” wail to form a strong visual shock!
Extraordinary way out of the show is not the biggest magic weapon, her appearance is to attract the focus of the eye: no “cover killer” doubts, small West’s face and cover and not much difference, sexy full Lips are very attractive, and then with the often considered to be false, very full shape of the breast, Prestige set for her “ギ ャ haul お ﹞” (spicy sister sister) title can be said to be the best interpretation.
Although not like the cover and the film so white, but small West is indeed a beauty. But also with the cultivation of Kato Rina (Kato Lina) is completely different, small West from the beginning is to go more sensational line, in the third works “ず ri サ ポ っ mother ク ラ ブ 03” she realized the “tied” taste, Part 4 works “○ Sichuan area west ○ good river tour garden before い ん ら ん park” she is directly to the park to lure passers-by “to the toilet cool about”, the performance can be said to be more and more bold. In 2013, Prestige is focused on her sensitive physique and lascivious response, and we can see that we are able to see you in the theme of “sending to the government”, “pet feeding” and “hot spring tourism” Against the male girl’s provocative, but make all the stops to please the appearance of male giants!

NO Collections Publisher Date
ABP-082 エクスタシー依存症不倫妻の痙攣腰砕けセックス プレステージ 2013-12-20
ABP-074 アナタ、こんな躯を許して下さい…。 小西悠 プレステージ 2013-11-22
GAH-007 いいなり服従娘 8時間SP GALLOP 2013-11-22
ABP-053 小西悠は、いじくられ志願女子。 200分钟 2013-10-01
ABP-038 俺の兄嫁 小西悠 プレステージ 2013-09-03
ABP-022 激イキ絶頂痙攣セックス 小西悠 プレステージ 2013-08-01
ABP-015 新・出張、全裸家政婦。 小西悠 プレステージ 2013-07-02
ABP-003 天然成分由来 小西悠汁120% 小西悠の体液 プレステージ 2013-06-01
ABS-225 小西悠、エロぐさ濃厚セックス プレステージ 2013-05-01
GFT-208 プラチナ ガールズ コレクション 4 GALLOP 2012-10-02
GFT-198 プラチナ ガールズ コレクション 3 GALLOP 2012-09-01
PPB-004 小西悠 PRESTIGE PREMIUM BEST 8時間 プレステージ 2011-12-22
WPC-002 WATER POLE 02 小西悠 プレステージ 2011-06-10
ABS-026 小西悠×開放グラマラス プレステージ 2011-05-20
INU-014 従順ペット候補生 #004 小西悠 プレステージ 2011-04-05
ABS-018 一泊二日、美少女完全予約制。 4 小西悠の場合 プレステージ 2011-03-23
MAS-025 絶対的美少女、お貸しします。 ACT.04 プレステージ 2011-02-08
INU-005 東京ブルドック 04 プレステージ 2010-12-02
SIT-001 (素)シロウトTV PREMIUM プレステージ 2010-12-02

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