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YAMAGUCHI RIKO, June 26, 1988 -) is a Japanese woman idol group AKB48 Team A former member, AKB48 early main members. Due to the recurrence of asthma and long-term severe back injury, after 2006, rarely in the AKB activities and groups in the appearance, in November 2008 officially announced from AKB graduation. June 2010 performance activities to stop, announced the return home Oita Prefecture, 3 months after the stage name “や ま ま ち り ko” into the AV sector. March 8, 2012 retreat. Sister Chinese and Western truth incense (Yamaguchi red) with AV actress
Name: 山口里子
Art name: 山口里子
Japanese name: やまぐちりこ
English name: YAMAGUCHI RIKO
Born: December 12, 1990 (originally should be June 26, 1988)
Location: Japan Oita Prefecture
Constellation: Sagittarius
Blood type: Type A
Height / weight: 156 cm / kg
Measurements: 88 – 59 – 85 cm
Cup: F
Occupation: AV Actress
Interests: singing, dancing, making dishes
Favorite color: pink, black
Favorite flowers: tulips
Former team: AKB48 Team A (graduation)
Occupation: AV Actress, artist
Shooting Type: AV
AV starring: 2010 – 2012
personal information
Good at cooking. The slogan is “Oita Prefecture origin, characterized by unilateral dimples, good at cooking, pride is the hot taste of the soup, called り な テ ィ ン of the broccoli.”
High school drop out, by the home Oita Prefecture alone to Tokyo to vote AKB48 pursuit of singers dream.
And the former Team A members of the United States and the United States is better, has formed “cherry sisters” (さ く ら ん ╮ sister), in their respective AKB48 log “column の”, the two often appear together.
Like the artist is Matsuura Aya.
Favorite things: the color is pink, black. Flowers are tulips. Interest is nail. Food is chocolate, mother made fried chicken. Song “cherry の flower び ら ta ち” always favorite, there are many memories of the song. Performing clothing “ガ ラ ス の I Love You” performance costumes, very cute, idol feeling.
Nasty things: free time, that because they do not know what to do, only one person when the time do not like.
Suffer from asthma.
AKB48 in the borrower is the main member of the record conventional selection of members, because long-term by the waist injury and asthma recurrence plague in AKB48 graduate. Zeng and Gong Ze Zuojiang, Qiu Yuan was added to the first AKB48 branch team Chocolove from AKB48.
Personal experience
October 30, 2005, AKB48 eventually qualified (total number of 7,024 applications), as a member of AKB48.
December 8, 2005, as a member of AKB48, in the AKB48 theater debut.
October 11, 2008, Team A 4th Stage “Now in love (ta だ い ま love in)” performance for the theater final performance.
November 23, 2008, in AKB48 Is it true that the sound of this concert will not flow out? (ま さ か, こ の コ ン サ ー ト の audio source は out し な い よ ね?) Concert announced from AKB48 graduation.
June 6, 2010, performing arts activities to stop, announced the return home hometown.
August 27, 2010, shoot the first AV.
March 8, 2012, AV retired.
June 13, 2013, update the blog that it has been married.
TV show
Three bamboo accounted for い し が ら み コ ー ナ ー (April 2006, June – August; Asahi TV)
(May 12, 2006; NHK Education)
ミ ュ ー ジ ッ ク ス テ ー シ ョ ン (June 9, 2006; Asahi TV)
MUSIC FIGHTER (June 9, 2006, November 3, 2006; Japanese TV)
M-ON! Make On The Holiday (June 17, 2006; MUSIC ON! TV)
BOMBER-E (July 18, 2006; メ ~ telev)
Trolley male DELUXE last の holy war (September 23, 2006; フ ジ テ レ ビ)
POP JAM (6 October 2006, 3 November; NHK)
ラ ジ か る ッ (November 3, 2006; Japanese TV)
ド オ ー モ (November 22, 2006; Kyushu Asahi Delivery)
ア サ デ ス. (November 23, 2006; KBC)
Built purple philosophy also NEWS23 Jinyao late at night (April 6, 2007; TBS)
(May 30, 2007, June 6; Asahi TV)
God god travel ~ ハ ー ト キ ュ ー っ と ぶ ら ら ~ (September 1, 2007; TVQ Kyushu delivery)
Mashup! Sound king MUSIO (October 15, 2007; Sendai delivery)
け け ★ ア プ リ の star (November 10, 2007 – February 9, 2008; Sendai delivery)
(April 8, May 27, June 10, June 24, August 5, September 9, 2007, July 21, 2007; TOKYO FM), Japanese version,
AKB48 の よ ん ち ち ア フ タ ー (April 21, 2006, May 12; TOKYO FM)
AKIBA Youth Story featuring AKB48 (September 18, 2006; bayfm)
Good morning garage “AKB48 with GMG48” (October 30, 2006; InterFM)
カ プ セ ル マ ガ ジ ン (November 30, 2006; KBC ラ ジ オ)
Nagamaki ミ ュ ー ジ ッ ク ラ ボ (December 3, 2006; KBC ラ ジ オ)
KBC サ ン デ ー ミ ュ ー ジ ッ ク カ ウ ン ト ダ ウ ン (December 10, 2006; KBC ラ ジ オ)
Fm カ カ ッ CHAO! (December 14, 2006; fm fukuoka)
SMASH WAVE (December 26, 2006; fm fukuoka)
RED ZONE ∞ RADIO (December 27, 2006; fm fukuoka)
シ ュ ノ ー ケ ル の の water communication (January 30, 2007; fm fukuoka)
AKB48 tomorrow ま で も う ち ょ っ と. (May 12, 2008; cultural delivery)

SDDL-482 ザ ベスト オブ SOFT ON DEMAND 2012年上半期全作品 8時間 2枚組 ¥980+TAX 480分钟 2012-08-09 SODクリエイト
SDDS-024 やまぐちりこ やまぐちりく AV引退 600分钟 2012-03-08 SODクリエイト
SDDL-481 ザ ベスト オブ SOFT ON DEMAND 2011年下半期全作品 8時間 2枚組 ¥980+TAX 480分钟 2012-02-09 SODクリエイト
STAR-323 最初で最後の姉妹共演 やまぐちりこ やまぐちりく 105分钟 2011-12-08 SODクリエイト
STAR-296 国民的アイドルやまぐちりこ ラブラブ(ハート)同棲日記 110分钟 2011-07-07 SODクリエイト
STAR-288 国民的アイドル、性欲、覚醒 やまぐちりこ 107分钟 2011-06-04 SODクリエイト
STAR-281 エッチ中も、フェラ中も、何をされても絶対にカメラ目線!! やまぐちりこ 130分钟 2011-05-07 SODクリエイト
STAR-268 国民的アイドルは変態プレイがお好き!? やまぐちりこ 130分钟 2011-04-07 SODクリエイト
STAR-261 僕の奥さんは国民的アイドル やまぐちりこ 130分钟 2011-03-05 SODクリエイト
STAR-256 学園コスプレ 超極小デジタルモザイク 国民的アイドル やまぐちりこ 180分钟 2011-02-05 SODクリエイト
STAR-255 国民的アイドルやまぐちりこSOD降臨!! 超極小デジタルモザイク Debut!! 125分钟 2011-01-08 SODクリエイト
DV-1222 終わらないお掃除フェラ やまぐちりこ 120分钟 2010-12-24 アリスJAPAN
DV-1213 出会って2.5秒で合体 やまぐちりこ 137分钟 2010-11-26 アリスJAPAN
DV-1204 本能を呼び覚ます濃厚なる4つのSEX やまぐちりこ 130分钟 2010-10-22 アリスJAPAN
DV-1194 敏感なカラダ。ピクピクしちゃった やまぐちりこ 138分钟 2010-09-24 アリスJAPAN
DV-1184 日本中が待望した国民的アイドル やまぐちりこ AV DEBUT 131分钟 2010-08-27 アリスJAPAN

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