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Uehara Mizuho, ​​September 12, 1991 – Japan’s AV Actress.ロ ー タ ス グ ル ー プ belongs. Although the actress is not very famous, but looks really beautiful Oh.
Chinese name: 上原瑞穂
Japanese name: Uehara Rui (う え は ら み ず ほ)
English name: Uehara Mizuho
Birthday: September 12, 1991
Constellation: Virgo
Length / Weight: 160 cm / – kg
Measurements: 85 – 58 – 80 cm
Cup: D-65
Place of birth: Saitama Prefecture
AV starring: 2011 –
Interests: Nail
Firm: Lotus Group
(3/1 ~ 4/3) did not have any new works, which Prestige has always been only to give exclusive women’s singles long month and the last one of the works published in the past is the situation in November Look, the possibility of reincarnation of Shangyuan Rui 较 larger;
From the Uehara Rui’s blog can be seen, in addition to see her poor mood, but also has a “can not work hard” feeling, the last end of a little self-encourage to pull a little emotional back, but after reading this article, Really think it may be upstairs Ruijie soon and we say goodbye … … like white, elegant fans of course, distressed, full of dozens of messages are long talk for her cheer. The actress has been suffering from the fans since his debut, the cover is always repair her nose next to the mole, and her skills and the response to the lens and other mosquito coils of the exclusive female golfer, are not top-notch, but Her beautiful face and the body from top to bottom out of the elegant temperament, still let her captive the fans of the heart, not only in the home Prestige ranking often squeeze into the top five, at home non-home DMM she is Presige all exclusive actress in the performance of the most Yes, the ranking of the list in January 23, easy to break the North Group of a lot of exclusive actress.
Although the mosquito coils are also Hasegawa Yumi (Hasegawa Chonato) and Zhu sound Yu い (Zhu sound only) is a big outbreak, but I believe that the image of Uehara Rui is definitely not so easy to be replaced, and only wish her early out of the mood, Back to the industry and thousands of fans to meet.
Major works
2011/09/22 a park on the 2nd, the United States girls fully to the system.
2011/10/20 ix Su people, お loan shi shi ま す. VOL.33
2011/11/01 従 従 ペ ッ ト waiting for students # 011 Shangyuan Rui 穂
2011/12/01 お か げ さ ま で 10 anniversary !! プ レ ス テ ー ジ ー ジ 女 女 女 女 粤 お し し ま す(Performer: Tomorrow Flower Kurakawa Kato リ ナ Kawashima れ い Shateng ユ リ Uehara Rui 穂 Zhu sound ゆ い Moon City Hikaru Nei Ji Ka な Valley heart sound (Fujisaki ri ri))
2011/12/22 servant を temptation す る o の の beautiful お お お さ ん Shangyuan Rui 穂
2012/01/01 セ ッ ク ス and uniforms on the original Swiss Rui
2012/02/10 shame ず か し い ほ ど, セ ッ ク ス が good ki.
2012/04/12 Uehara Shinji PRESTIGE PREMIUM BEST 8 Time

No Collections Length Date Publisher
GFT-299 隣の美人なお姉さんはH好き 01 130分钟 2013-09-12 GALLOP
PPB-008 上原瑞穂 PRESTIGE PREMIUM BEST 8時間 ※未公開映像収録 480分钟 2012-04-12 プレステージ
ABS-083 恥ずかしいほど、セックスが好き。 130分钟 2012-02-10 プレステージ
ABS-074 セックスと制服 上原瑞穂 120分钟 2012-01-01 プレステージ
ABS-070 僕を誘惑する隣の綺麗なお姉さん 上原瑞穂 120分钟 2011-12-22 プレステージ
TAP-001 おかげさまで10周年!! プレステージ専属女优、お贷しします。 480分钟 2011-12-01 プレステージ
INU-027 続・素人娘、お貸しします。 VOL.33 120分钟 2011-10-20 プレステージ
MAS-052 おかげさまで10周年!! プレステージ専属女优、お贷しします。 480分钟 2011-12-01 プレステージ
ABS-047 一泊二日、美少女完全予約制。 9 120分钟 2011-09-22 ABSOLUTE

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