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(Japanese: every min み na み, English: Aida Minami) 2013 June debut AV Actress. Every day, the United States wave appears in the AV screen shines, her photo point for ‘え え じ ゃ na い か’ June 25 was officially shelves to provide an appointment, the results of a short period of 6 days (6/25 ~ 6/30) she got the sum Sales of the first five. Although every wave of the United States took only six works on the retreat, the second half of 2013 kawaii or rely on every single field of the United States and the waves swept away thousands of Jun, a wash for many years decline.
Chinese name: 逢田美波
Japanese name: every field み na み
English name: Aida Minami
Date of birth: February 15, 1995
Height: 153cm
Cup: E
Bust: 84 (E) -57-82
Place of birth: Tokyo, Japan
Stunt: Judo
AV In the period: June 2013 – 2013 October

NO Collections Length Date Publisher
KWBD-138 みんなのアイドル逢田みなみ 全作コンプリートだょ☆8時間special 480分钟 2014-06-25 kawaii
KWBD-127 みんなのアイドルみなみん10回エッチッチ! 逢田みなみ 240分钟 2014-03-25 kawaii
KAWD-499 みなみちゃんのびちゃびちゃ潮吹き失禁スペシャル!! 逢田みなみ 158分钟 2013-12-25 kawaii
KAWD-490 君とみなみのエッチしまくり Virtual Journey 逢田みなみ 120分钟 2013-11-25 kawaii
KAWD-482 それは愛だょ! 一撃顔射みなみん 逢田みなみ 120分钟 2013-10-25 kawaii
KAWD-473 逢田みなみの風俗フルコース4本番 240分钟 2013-09-15 kawaii
KAWD-465 みなみちゃんの感度びんびん初体験 逢田みなみ 150分钟 2013-08-25 kawaii
REBDB-039 Minami ぶれいくなう 逢田みなみ 95分钟 2013-08-01 kawaii
KAWD-457 新人!kawaii*専属デビュ→ スタア誕生★みんなのアイドル 逢田みなみ 150分钟 2013-07-25 kawaii
MMND-086 『ええじゃないか』 逢田みなみ 120分钟 2013-06-01 未満

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