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Real name Okubo Song Hui, Japanese artist, former AV Actress. October 31, 1972 was born in Tokyo Koto Koto, debut in 1992. In 1992, Iijima loved to participate in Tokyo TV late night program “Tokyo Erotic Faction” and “thongs little love” unit performance, in the program from the lift skirt exposed thongs, known as the “thong queen” and fame, riding Into the Japanese entertainment. At 12:30 on December 24, 2008 or so, was found dead at home, after anatomical examination, to determine the cause of death is pneumonia.
Chinese name: Iijima Ai
Japanese name: Iijima love
Real name: Okubo Song Hui
Nickname: Aizhen (あ い ち ん)
Nationality: Japan
Ethnic groups: Daiwa
Place of birth: Koto, Koto-ku, Tokyo
Date of birth: October 31, 1972
Date of death: December 24, 2008
Occupation: Actor
Constellation: Virgo
Blood type: A type
Height / Weight: 163cm / 43kg
Measurements: 85/56/85 (cm)
Hobbies: watching novels, watching movies
acting experience
Iijima Ai, the Japanese artist, former AV movie actress, October 31, 1972 was born in Tokyo Koto Koto, debut in 1992. In 1992, Iijima loved to participate in Tokyo TV late night program “Tokyo Erotic Faction” and “thongs little love” unit performance, in the program from the lift skirt exposed thongs, known as the “thong queen” and fame, riding Into the Japanese entertainment.
Since then, she specializes in variety show notice, in the Asahi TV “men and women picket team”, TBS TV “”, Tokyo TV “flame challenger” and other variety programs as a fixed team, show “poison tongue” skill. In 2001, she starred in Zhang Weijian starring Chinese TV series “Monkey King Monkey King” in the spider.
At the age of 36, Iijima Ai, on December 24, 2008 after three in the afternoon, was found to have died in Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Sakura-cho, a 21-storey apartment building room. Two hours after the announcement of the death, the building was surrounded by local residents and people who arrived. Although the details are not clear, but has been confirmed that the deceased is Iijima love themselves, but also from the indoor situation, there may be died.
In March 2007, Iijima love because of health reasons and retired from the entertainment circle. Allegedly, she has been suffering from chronic kidney disease, and in early 2008 on the blog has admitted that he was suffering from depression, medication.
In the middle school period, Iijima Ai, who had run away from her family, had taken AV and won the popularity of T-shirts in the late-night program on TV TOKYO. Later she was completely out of the erotic world and became sexy and unique. Speak into the television circle, in a number of programs as host and guests. In 2000, her autobiography, “Platonic sex” published, because of which bluntly advertised his AV, infection sexually transmitted diseases, cosmetic surgery and so did the impact of the content, making the book a sensational best-selling book, the day after another shooting For the same name film and TV series. March 2007 retired because of physical discomfort. Iijima love has been working to promote AIDS prevention and sexually transmitted diseases and other public welfare activities.
Iijima Ai in October 2000 out of the semi-autobiographical novel “Platonic sex”, selling millions in Japan, is the best-selling book. She has appeared in movies and TV dramas, and has written books. Iijima love is also the “weekly Asahi” column “Iijima love Kishimo style stamp life” written.
Iijima love in their 34-year-old (2007) announced the withdrawal. The same day Iijima love blog messages, stressed that they will not return to the arts sector work, TBS and Fuji TV yesterday produced a special to their farewell. In mid-March, Iijima love for the first time publicly admitted to withdraw from the showbiz, the broker said her health because of the red light, back pain, renal dysfunction, not suitable for long-time recording programs.
Japan’s famous AV Queen has been since the debut “sexy” line, has sold the autobiographical nature of the “Platonic sex” details of their run away, when the prostitutes, shooting AV video, caused a sensation in Japan. The book was also adapted for the film and television drama staged in Japan. Also in Hongkong shooting TV drama “Monkey King” and in which played spider fine corner.
After the fame Iijima love began to do some work in the preparation of the host for the long-term development, and refused to take a new AV video, with her own words, “these years go very hard, the future will be more Hard, but still go down. ”
Chinese name: “Platonic sex”
English name: PlatonicSex
personal life
The first man
The addict ran away with her
Because the father strict discipline tyranny, Iijima love can not stand without the autonomy of the case, 13 years old and her boyfriend ran away. She thought this way, will be able to lead a happy life, which is actually the beginning of her tragic fate. She was actually in love with a drug addiction bad boy, the two together for a long time, he was jailed for drug abuse. A home not return, Iijima love into an unprecedented panic, do not know where to go.
The second man
Live the first night was raped
Lost her boyfriend Iijima love, desperate, had no choice but to seek refuge with her boyfriend friends. She is optimistic that the days of no way, at least for the time being do not be afraid of living on the streets. But she never imagined that the only live in the first night, she was raped by the other side. Physically and mentally exhausted her, the next day will panic to escape out. In order to live, there is no skill of her, had to teeth, “the sea” to the hotel to work. The drunk, romantic work environment, so Iijima love hate. However, she had to face reality.
The third man
For his suicide twice failed
After, Iijima love and fell in love with a man. That man is three or four years older than Iijima. Craving for love, she was soon the other menacing tide of love to drown. At that time, Iijima love God still care for her. But fate is so tricky, her mind a good man, was actually sold in the bar spring, “Cowboy.” His reason for Iijima love attentive, mainly intends to make use of his girlfriend’s body, and then help themselves from the bitter sea. Iijima love can no longer stand, and committed suicide twice, but commit suicide unsuccessful. She finally came to completely unfamiliar New York, alone wandering. However, because the financial situation of living beyond their means, persuaded by friends, she officially started filming three films career.
At the beginning of the line, Iijima love heart is very suffering, several times almost frightened escape, but the thought of a butt debt did not pay off, she told myself, we must bite the bullet into battle. Originally, she wanted to pay off the debt, and then wait until there are a little money around, the “hand” quit. Unexpectedly, she actually shot because of the relationship between the three films in Japan showbiz break a day, and even become an international well-known artists.
The fourth man
And forced her to stop her abortion
Become a Japanese three-piece queen, Iijima love and became a well-known adult host, but she was still cohabitation boyfriend deceived feelings. More unfortunately, her boyfriend did not say goodbye, she was surprised to find pregnant, had to reluctantly abortion. A self-proclaimed her friend’s warehouse to the United States has published a large explosion Iijima love nurturing boyfriend, also known as her smoking strong glue addiction.
After the fame Iijima love transformation, hoping to live like a “normal”, but its disgraceful past and its underground sex film was repeatedly dug, Iijima love to endure being threatened to take money. In March 2007, she decided to quit acting. Breaking the income source of her living constraints, she has published an article called the poor. For the future livelihood, she plans to enter the adult supplies industry.
It is reported that Iijima love has been a wish, she was in October 2003, claiming to save their eggs cryopreserved. “I wanted to have a baby with me,” she told the program.
In China
Iijima love and Chinese male stars are “margin”
Iijima love fans as much as the impact of the big beyond imagination. Many Chinese male stars in the lyrics to write Iijima love, boldly admit that I love the illusion of Iijima. However, Iijima love and actress Stephanie has been mass discord, it seems Iijima love in the Chinese artist in a good man edge, the woman edge is general.
Zhou Huajian published in 1998, the album “The story of the people”, included a song by him and Victor Chu Chung Choi’s “recent trouble”, which Jonathan Lee has such a lyric: “The more recent trouble than you bother I dream and Iijima love dinner; dream restaurant lights too dim, I could not find that blue pills. “This phrase also secretly pointed out that middle-aged people in the sexual life of the powerless , And a strong sexual fantasies about Iijima.
Writing songs
Hong Kong male singer Andy Hui in 2003 July published album “On-My Story”, included in a “Iijima love the world.” This is the first by the Wu Guoen composition, Lin Ruoning lyrics interesting, bold and bold theme, “said the whole world love Iijima is not love, what the wrong TV screen wrong, the whole world that I clean body with self-love, why not see information platform “, On the surface that is a public love to see the Japanese AV porn film’s mentality, there are also room for reflection.
Passed and Xiao Qiang discord
Iijima Ai in 2002 in Taiwan as eight strong summer drama “Monkey King Monkey King” played spider fine corner, and Ge Minhui played Pig has a wonderful opponent play. Allegedly, Iijima love to shoot the play in addition to the amazing pay, pomp is scary, including preservation and translation, assistants, accompanying staff actually have eight.
In addition, the year also came out Iijima love and play Princess Fan Xiao Qiang in the shooting scenes when the news does not occur. This rumor, Xiao Qiang once disagree: “I and she never rival show, how not? My picture is finished shooting her, and she did not to the surface, do not know how her treatment, from what Compare with? ”
Time of death
There is a 2002 Iijima love known to their own time of death. In 2005, Iijima loved to talk about her future in Kim Jong-il, which is widely publicized. He said he had asked Taiwan’s fortune tellers to predict their own time of death. She said: “I had a very famous Taiwan Fortune teller, he predicted that I will ‘disappear’ in 2008. Do not know will die or disappear from the arts sector, but no matter what is not a good thing ah, and the fortune-teller also said that when I die with everything He looked at my face and cried out, and even I wanted to cry.I ‘m looking forward to what happened three years later, and if I die, then the film may be used.
But the film was fans after the so-called death notice to identify the time is not consistent, because the fragment was released in 2003 on a network, it is not possible 2005 program, and the program is likely to be Iijima Ai 2001 Year plan to promote the “Platonic sex” when the shooting, so the real projection of the death date in 2004 (rather than rumors claimed in 2008), the so-called fortune-telling date of the death of the deceitful fact is false, not true. In addition, Iijima love death prophecy after the fact there are programs to find this famous fortune teller fortune-telling, but the fortune teller said Iijima love will be very longevity.
1992 film A film debut, and later due to the king of the host wood pear Xian Wu in the program is open to her fans, become variety show darling, open visibility, and was hailed as “thong queen”
1993 launch singles “secretly love! Love” debut as a singer, but only boarded the Japanese public trust list 87
2000 launched a semi-autobiographical novel “Platonic sex”, blew plastic surgery, dye sexually transmitted diseases, sold 1 million, the coming year to promote the novel in Taiwan, but also set off a whirlwind
In the blog blew by the brokerage company employees robbed more than 10 million yen in cash
2007/03 Due to kidney disease quit the entertainment circle
2008/02 Iijima Ai said in a personal blog infected with Helicobacter pylori, also said nearly two months in order to combat mental illness in taking antidepressants.
2008/04 in the blog cry poor, who left less than 50,000 yuan NT
2008/07 Transfer to raise funds, intended to open sex shop
2008/12/24 Found by friends Shibuya Shibuya house

No Collections Length Date Publisher
AOD-001 カリスマVenus 75 Minutes 2000-1-28 メディアバンク
MKV-1002 チチくる!?イクイク 75 Minutes 2003-11-21 エイトマン
DSHH-001 強淫性教育 75 Minutes 2005-12-2 みけねこ(チャンネルヴィ
KSKS-022 渋谷BLACK●2 3 コギャルは眠らない 東京スマッシュヒット 75 Minutes 2005-7-21 ケイネットワーク
DAJ-075 The Best of No.1 飯島愛 Deluxe 75 Minutes 2006-6-16 Five Star
BWD-1917 AV女学院 2 パンツの奥は大騒動! 75分钟 2009-06-05 ブロードウェイ
DAJ-004 ゴージャスオナニー Deluxe 180分钟 2003-01-24 FIVE STAR
KA-1564 レイプ狂い 飯島愛 55分钟 2002-11-08 アリスJAPAN
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KA-1530 フラッシュパラダイス 飯島愛 57分钟 2002-11-08 アリスJAPAN

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