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Yu AOI nozomi 2013 new actress, although already on hand from Kawaii* shared a “pure white robbery girl” (Asahi Asahi ~ – new dishes, but really) ideapocket seems to still feel not enough manpower, so in the same film schedule (November 1, 2013 file) and a plug named “hope thou and Sweet Pomelo (You Xikui)” the newcomer, and given her “super excellence beauty” of the title: why is the “super achievers described her as”? Because of the hope thou and Sweet Pomelo (You Xikui) not only cover looks very positive, ideapocket also told them she is in a “smile” and “character” and “character” and “technology” are out of the good girl.
Chinese: 柚希葵
Japanese Name: 柚希あおい
Height: 158CM
Cup: C
Bust: 83cm
Waist: 58cm
Hip: 84cm
AV in 2013-

No Collections Length Date Publisher
IDBD-523 IP全力推薦!絶対的美少女BEST ボクらのココロとコカンを掴んで離さない美少女達と過ごす夢のような8時間!! 140分钟 2014-04-01 アイデアポケット
IPZ-353 いきなりSEX えっ?今ここでですか? 柚希あおい 140分钟 2014-04-01 アイデアポケット
IPZ-332 はんなり幼妻 お人好し?ただのドスケベ?押したらヤレる清純浮気妻 柚希あおい 120分钟 2014-03-01 アイデアポケット
IPZ-301 美少女ナースはSEXがお好き 柚希あおい 150分钟 2014-02-01 アイデアポケット
IPZ-282 学校でしようよ! 柚希あおい 180分钟 2014-01-01 アイデアポケット
IPZ-258 清純美少女4本番 大量フェラ顔射を添えて 柚希あおい 150分钟 2013-12-01 アイデアポケット
IPZ-233 FIRST IMPRESSION74 柚希あおい 172分钟 2013-11-01 アイデアポケット

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